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Kriya Yoga Meditation
Bija Mantra Yoga
Pranayama, Breathing Yoga
Lucid Dreaming
Spiritual Transformation
Horoscope Correction Methods
Karma and Karmology
Conscious Reincarnation
Experience of Absolute Consciousness


Who is this Sai Baba? This is a very difficult question to answer as many people have many opinions. I’ve noticed people sometimes like to attribute the qualities and properties that they want to see or can hold with their intellectual understanding.

from the book of Svyatoslav Dubyanskiy «Sathya Sai Baba. Supernatural Experiences and Divine Transformation. Book One»


The story of Narayana Upanishad
Why Prema Sai Was Found by Yogis from Manipur State
Materialization of the Subtle Body
Proclaimed Himself on the Subtle Plane
Miracles and Stories
How and Who Found Him


The Mystery of God

Prema Sai Baba

Part One

The Beginning of the Prema Sai Mission, from Birth to Eleven Years

Prema Sai Baba is the third incarnation of God on Earth, in our era

Kriya Yoga Meditation

Kriya Yoga Meditation
The most ancient meditation, which significantly accelerates human evolution, leading to Divine self-realization. In ancient times, Kriya Yoga was transmitted by the immortal maha yogi Mahavatar Babaji
Pranayama yoga focuses on breathing. This yoga can help improve the respiratory system as well as calm the mind.
Mantra is a combination of Sanskrit philosophy and sound vibration. The sound of Bija Mantras in Sanskrit greatly helps on the path of spiritual self-knowledge, reveals hidden talents and potentials of consciousness

Svyatoslav Dubyanskiy

Meditation Master, Esoteric Author and Artist
For the first time, I came into contact with the practices of yoga and meditation when I was eight years old, and from the age of eleven, the practice of meditation became for me a daily journey into the endless spaces of the spirit. I was lucky to learn from wonderful spiritual Masters, whose wisdom I carefully pass on to my students.

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Sathya Sai Baba often said: "I am a mirror that reflects your inner world." Such excellent and perfect words. Some saw him as God, and some as a cunning magician; each one saw only what he or she was ready to understand and accept.

from the book of Svyatoslav Dubyanskiy «Sathya Sai Baba. Supernatural Experiences and Divine Transformation. Book One»

Prema Sai News

    I was twenty-one when I first came to India. Each year after that, I lived in different ashrams for a long time, learning Kriya Yoga meditation techniques, various fields of esoteric knowledge and Vedic philosophy. Kriya Yoga originates from Himalayan great immortal Guru Mahavatar Babaji.

    I have had the good fortune to study with some of the most eminent spiritual teachers of our time. Among them, the main source of knowledge on meditation and mantra practice was Yogi Ramaiah (1923-2006), who received his knowledge directly from the Himalayas from Mahavatar Babaji.

    For twelve years Yogi Ramaiah taught the ancient meditation practice of Kriya Yoga. I received instructions from Mahavatar Babaji from time to time. Yoga is a supreme science and art, and understanding this ancient body of knowledge requires concentration, diligence, seriousness of intention, and sincerity.

    After twelve years of teaching, my teacher blessed me to pass this knowledge on to my students. Now, I regularly conduct seminars and individual classes on-line on meditation and mantra practices, methods for building a positive intention and transforming destiny, cleansing and opening the chakras, realizing and embodying one's destiny, practices for strengthening and rejuvenating the body.

    Sathya Sai Baba (1926 - 2011) was also a source of wisdom and blessings for me, I had been interpreting for him for several years. Sathya Sai once asked me what I was doing. This question was more rhetorical than it really was, as he already knew me well at that point. I replied that I practiced yoga, I did not even hesitate to declare that I was a yogi. Hearing my simple answer, he explained in a very serious voice that I didn't know what real yoga was.

    Sathya Sai Baba then gave me detailed instructions that yoga encompasses all aspects of human life and our being. At the time, yoga seemed to me to be nothing more than meditation and mantra practice, but Sai Baba said that everything belongs to the path of yoga, including family life, community service, creativity, art, etc.

    Gradually my understanding of the spiritual path deepened. On the advice of Sathya Sai Baba, I returned to more active creativity as an artist and calligrapher and wrote and published numerous books on esotericism and Vedic traditions.

    The result of many years of research is my book “The Creativity of Eternal Life”, available for free download from my website. This book consists of 6 parts. The first part is dedicated to my memory of Mahavatar Babaji and Yogi Ramaiah.

    I share unique information about immortal yogis and their teachings, remember the years spent in the ashram of Yogi Ramaiah, and his wise instructions on meditation practices.

    The second part is devoted to a detailed overview of all major areas of yoga and meditation as well as the structural foundations of yoga: lucid dreaming, chakras and their meaning, the nature of meditation, the workings with Kundalini energy, the main schools of Vedic philosophy, stages of enlightenment, techniques and methods for achieving physical immortality.

    The third part is devoted to the biography of Sri Ganapathi Sachidananda Swamiji, one of the divine teachers currently living on earth. He is the greatest musician, miracle worker and master of meditation of our time.

    The fourth part of the book is devoted to esoteric Christianity. I examine the life and teachings of Jesus Christ from the perspective of various Indian and Western spiritual teachers, especially Sathya Sai Baba and Yogananda, analyze the high Gospel teachings in the light of the teachings of St. Seraphim of Sarov, Leo Tolstoy and Nicholas Roerich.

    The fifth part is devoted to the ancient Russian spiritual tradition - Rodnovery, the symbolism of ancient Russian gods and goddesses, as well as stories about the immortal Azs, teachers of ancient Rus. This part also tells about the tradition of the Ta-Ta-Ta-Ra Spirit, which was revealed as the bearer of a system of high practices of self-development and healing.

    The most voluminous sixth part of the book is devoted to my memories of Sathya Sai Baba, in whose ashram I was lucky to live for several years. I was Sathya Sai's interpreter for several years, which allowed me to witness his personal interaction with a large number of devotees and visitors. I often saw the manifestation of his miraculous power and wise spiritual instructions.

    Kriya Yoga and Mahavatar Babaji

    Mahavatar Babaji lives in the beautiful Himalayas. He directly leads a small circle of advanced disciples, some of whom later return to the world of people in order to carry spiritual knowledge. Babaji is physically immortal, which is quite a difficult topic for some, because it is hard to believe in such an amazing fact. Those few who managed to meet him directly tell about the golden shining physical body of the supreme teacher.

    Is physical immortality even possible? In our experience, people are born, live and die. These are the laws of the universe. Life experience shows that people are mortal. Who and how was able to overcome the laws of the universe and transform the physical matter of the body into an immortal divine substance? Why is it necessary to strive for physical immortality and is it necessary at all? Does achieving physical immortality have spiritual implications? Consciousness is inherently immortal. Why do we need physical immortality?

    Of course, physical immortality is not the goal of the spiritual path. The purpose of the Divine Evolution Path is to seek the supreme Divinity in the depths of the spiritual heart. The highest level of enlightenment allows physical matter to undergo its own transformational process, making it physically immortal.

    In the middle of the twentieth century, Paramahansa Yogananda told in his Autobiography that Mahavatar Babaji lived in the Himalayas. This information immediately aroused considerable interest among spiritual practitioners and esoteric scholars in all countries. The great Babaji immediately began to draw attention to himself with his spiritual power. People in different countries began to feel a spiritual connection with the mysterious teacher.

    It is impossible to learn meditation or yoga from books or video courses. To master all the intricacies of tradition, one must learn directly from the bearers of tradition. There are many directions and schools of Kriya Yoga, all beautiful and wonderful, and each path carries something unique. The school of Kriya Yoga that I am developing was founded by my Guru Yogi Ramaiah, a direct disciple of Babaji. This is one of the most authentic directions in which deep knowledge of meditation and self-development is transmitted.

    Training takes place on the principle of gradual learning of techniques and methods. All meditation practices begin to transform consciousness and destiny only when the person himself begins to practice meditation and yoga techniques regularly. Of course, everyone must follow their own spiritual path if they are to receive blessings from their teachers. Combining one's efforts with the blessings of God yields good results in the transformation of the mind.
    Yoga in the modern world

    It was a historic day when Narendra Modi (Prime Minister of India) addressed the 69th session of the United Nations General Assembly. "Yoga is the epitome of a holistic approach to human health and well-being. This science helps people feel at one with nature and the world around them. Yoga transforms people's quality of life, makes them feel more responsible.”

    The Indian leader initiated a resolution to establish the International Day of Yoga held on 21st June 2014. This initiative gained support in 175 countries out of 193 members of the organization who attended the meeting. Thus, a wonderful tradition of celebrating the "International Day of Yoga" every year was born in Russia and other countries.

    For the first time in history, 175 countries submitted a joint resolution. Since then, “Yoga Day” is celebrated all over the world. The world has decided to pay tribute to the famous ancient method of yoga and to recognize its spiritual and therapeutic importance on an international level.

    In the first year, celebrations were held in many countries and cities. For example, in central Bangkok, Taiwan, more than two thousand people spread out yoga mats and performed 108 Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskara) in a Hatha Yoga demonstration.

    At the same time, the Prime Minister of India joined 30,000 people who gathered in the center of New Delhi to celebrate the “International Day of Yoga” with the whole world. Many yoga centers throughout Russia and around the world annually celebrate this wonderful day.

    Yoga is a spiritual discipline, the union of art and science, which was created in the name of mental and physical health. The practices of Kriya Yoga meditation and the physical practice of Hatha Yoga lead to unity between the universe and man, cooperation and understanding among people around the world. On International Day of Yoga, I have special meditations and video broadcasts where participants from different countries unite around divine vibrations.

    Yoga as a teaching is rooted in a deep history spanning thousands of years. It arose long before the first religions. According to legend, the first yogi was Lord Shiva. He passed on his skills to the seven sages (saptarsi-saptarishi). This teaching has been practiced since ancient times.

    The sage Patanjali, master of the classical eight-stage yoga, systematized the practice in his basic work on yoga, the Yoga Sutras. Yoga promotes universal love for the world around us and for ourselves, interaction between humans and nature, higher intelligence, improvement of body, mind, intellect, consciousness and soul.

    During my monthly online seminars, I teach ancient meditation techniques of Kriya Yoga, Bija Mantras, lucid dreaming techniques, chakra cleansing practices, the process of conscious reincarnation, working with Kundalini energy, transforming destiny and resetting karma.

    Seminars are unique. Each online seminar covers different aspects of Vedic and Buddhist philosophy, exploring topics related to esoteric Christianity and contemporary esotericism. We study the ancient system of meditation practices handed down by Mahavatar Babaji.

    Seminars include Diksha (Initiation into the Kriya Yoga tradition). Online learning is very convenient because it allows people from all over the world to practice together. This form of learning also allows you to participate in monthly meditation sessions and educational programs.

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    Svyatoslav Dubyanskiy

    Meditation Master, Esoteric Author and Artist
    For the first time, I came into contact with the practices of yoga and meditation when I was eight years old, and from the age of eleven, the practice of meditation became for me a daily journey into the endless spaces of the spirit. I was lucky to learn from wonderful spiritual Masters, whose wisdom I carefully pass on to my students.

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