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Svyatoslav Dubyanskiy - Biography



Even in childhood, S.Dubyanskiy had the first spontaneous memories of past lives, which led him to the practice of meditation and yoga, as well as to the study of ancient philosophical systems. In order to practice meditation in adolescence, there must be one's own deep desire, otherwise it is impossible to force a teenager to practice meditation. From childhood, S.Dubyanskiy had mystical experiences and experiences that supported him on the spiritual path. He felt that meditation and yoga are a completely natural element of human life. Later he recalled, "I didn't even question the necessity and importance of the practice of meditation, because it was as natural as breathing."

S.Dubyanskiy met his root guru, Yogi Ramaiah, in 1993 at the age of twenty-two, the guru was already seventy at that time. The meeting with Yogi Ramaiah happened quite unexpectedly. However, in life there is nothing accidental, everything is the result of cause-and-effect relationships. What may seem spontaneous and even random actually embodies with mathematical precision a deep spiritual connection from past lives. Yogi Ramaiah invited a small group of his Russian disciples to his ashram. By that time, S.Dubyanskiy was not yet familiar with the guru. Events developed rapidly. The final decision to go to India for a few months came just a week before his departure. Subsequently, S.Dubyanskiy recalled that when he first came to India, for some time he could not believe that all this was really happening, the hot sun shone overhead, cows roamed lazily through the streets.

Arriving in India, S.Dubyanskiy had little idea who Yogi Ramaiah was. It was clear that everything that happened was subject to a higher will, S.Dubyanskiy went to a guru, about whom he knew practically nothing. This was probably the most ideal, because the mind did not take part in decision-making at all. The group first arrived in the city of Chennai, three days later they went on a long road trip to the village where the main ashram of Yogi Ramaiah was located. S.Dubyanskiy got out of the car, Yogi Ramaiah was standing right in front of the entrance to the small ashram, so his first meeting with the guru took place.

Svyatoslav Dubyanskiy - Biography

Despite his advanced age, Yogi Ramaiah was remarkably athletic, and his movements showed that he was in excellent physical shape. He was dressed in traditional white Indian clothes, a long gray beard, and a rosary made from the seeds of the sacred Rudraksha tree hung around his neck. He confidently stood barefoot on the ground, he had the longest fingernails and toenails. The sharp and penetrating gaze of Yogi Ramaiah was full of bliss and joy. When talking with the people, he looked straight into the eyes, piercing with an eagle's gaze, in which strength and wisdom were felt. It seemed that S.Dubyanskiy met with a well-known person.

Svyatoslav Dubyanskiy - Biography

The next day, Yogi Ramaiah gave S.Dubyanskiy some household tasks with the air as if S.Dubyanskiy had always lived in his ashram. There was a feeling that everything around was very familiar, as if the disciple had returned to the guru's house after a long absence. A few years later, Yogi Ramaiah blessed S.Dubyanskiy to teach students the ancient practices of Kriya Yoga meditation, Bija mantras, and much more. S.Dubyankiy tells in more detail about the years he spent with Yoga Ramaiah in his books and videos. S.Dubyansky, expert in Eastern and Western esoteric traditions, author of a series of books on Vedic philosophy, spiritual self-realization, self-development, yoga and meditation.

S.Dubyanskiy is an expert in Eastern and Western esoteric traditions, the author of a series of books dedicated to Vedic philosophy, spiritual self-realization, self-development, yoga and meditation. Meditation Master, writer and artist. For many years he lived in India, studied in several areas of philosophy, as well as meditation techniques in the tradition of Kriya Yoga.

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