Mahavatar Babaji is a divine teacher, a Himalayan yogi, the highest guru, the embodiment of Absolute Consciousness. Numerous fascinating books tell about the secret life of the Himalayan guru, his profound teachings, and his illustrious earthly mission.

The primacy historically belongs to Paramahansa Yogananda, who in 1946 published the monumental book “Autobiography of a Yogi”. In it, Yogananda revealed to mankind information about the immortal prophet, Babaji, and also told about the basic principles and mysteries of Kriya Yoga meditation.

Let's examine the meaning of Mahavatar Babaji's name. Maha means "great" in ancient Sanskrit, avatar means "divine incarnation," and Babaji means "respected father." The immortal Babaji lives a reclusive life somewhere in the Himalayan heights.

He may effortlessly appear anywhere in the world to meet with his closest disciples. He has been on Earth for many epochs and is at the highest level of enlightenment, thus it is astounding that his physical form is literally eternal. A small group of chosen Kriya yoga practitioners receive instructions of a Himalayan guru.

The veil of secrecy surrounding the name of Mahavatar Babaji has been attempted by multiple researchers who have put forward various, most incredible hypotheses. One is based on the fact that Babaji is a polite form of spiritual teacher rather than a name, suggesting that Babaji could become a collective image.

According to tradition, any experienced meditator could be called Babaji. There is much speculation about the life of the great guru. He lives in hiding from society, giving rise to many speculations and legends because he sends only his closest students into the big world.

The lack of reliable data on the existence of immortal yogis in India causes confusion in well-known publications. For example, in the names of three Himalayan immortal gurus, such as Gorakhnath Babaji, Nagaraj Babaji and Mahavatar Babaji, the epithet Babaji (holy father) is used. This causes people to mistake them for the same person.

Haidakhan Babaji is also misidentified as Mahavatar Babaji. I think it is of some importance to truly understand all this diversity among the highest Himalayan yogis.

We must remember that the most important thing is not to discuss such a difficult subject, but to pay more attention to our meditation practices. Of course, each of the Babajis mentioned above has its own characteristics, its own path and its own philosophy. It is important to be aware of this difference, but remember the importance of your own spiritual practice.

Eternal youth in an immortal body

Many stories tell of the secret life of Mahavatar Babaji, a saint who inexplicably appears somewhere on the planet to meet his dear disciples. For when you are energetically prepared for this meeting, the wonderful Babaji Himself can appear before you.

The physical body of a Himalayan teacher is called the "body of eternal youth." Millions of years of earthly life have not affected the Guru's appearance. He looks like a young man in his twenties.

There is an opinion that the path to the realization of Absolute Consciousness goes through several stages. The highest stage of self-realization is characterized by the transformation of physical matter into a special, immortal matter.

Most people are unable to recognize the fact of physical immortality and thus are unable to comprehend the entire conception of Babaji's worldview.

As he is a source of light, his immortal body cannot cast shadows and does not require food, rest, or even air. People used to think that breathing was the most important life process. The first seconds of human existence begin and end with a lively breath.

Each inhalation represents birth, and each exhalation symbolizes the completion of reincarnation, which is death. Throughout your day you experience thousands of tiny births and tiny deaths. Every inhalation and exhalation is a new life that opens up new possibilities.

The immortal yogi's flesh cannot die and exists beyond duality, beyond birth and death, and beyond the process of reincarnation. The state of mind beyond duality (Advaita) is the reason why Babaji's matchless and ideal golden body does not breathe, for breathing is also a manifestation of duality.

The Greatest Secret of the Genius Guru

According to the Kriya Yoga tradition, Babaji is the founder of the Bija Mantra technique and the art of
meditation. The Absolutely Divine Spirit of Babaji produced a magically transforming sound vibration - the Bija Mantra. In the future, meditation and mantra techniques may be mastered by his great disciples.

This is the origin of the discipleship tradition. We tend to see reality through the prism of modern science. When we talk about antiquity, we try to recreate events from a thousand years ago. Nevertheless, the antiquity of Vedic civilization is rooted in unprecedented depths, and we are talking millions of years.

From what we know from oral traditions of teachers, Mahatmas are hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of years old. This shows that our modern understanding of the history of Earth's civilization is very limited and incomplete.
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