Pranayama - yoga breathing

The Pranayam system taught by S. Dubyanskiy includes: three complexes.

Ida Pingala Pranayama

This set of breathing exercises includes four techniques. The main task of this complex is balancing the functions of the right and left hemispheres of the brain and harmonizing the energy sweats of the left and right energy channels of the spine.
As a result of the practice of this complex, one can balance the lunar and solar vibrations, as well as awaken and connect the masculine feminine qualities of the inner world.

Nabi Mudra

The following system of breathing techniques includes three techniques with which it is possible to awaken the divine Agni (inner fire) and distribute this energy throughout the human energy structure. Increasing the strength of internal Agni allows you to improve health, increase immunity, improve concentration (dharana) and memory (chitta-smarana), improve the quality of the functioning of the mind (manas) and intellect (buddhi). Some elements of this complex allow you to feel the chakras, correctly understanding their location in the spine and head.

Dvadasha Pranayama

The complex of breathing practices consists of four techniques.
These breathing exercises help to improve concentration and power of attention, allow you to immerse yourself in the feeling of the present moment, stop the internal dialogue, and harmonize reactions to the world around you. This complex naturally prepares the mind and energy of the practitioner to enter the practice of deep contemplation.

Pranayama is a yogic breathing system that allows you to achieve the most important results:
- stopping the flow of thoughts and ending the internal dialogue,
- a significant increase in energy potential,
- strengthening health, immunity and self-healing,
- strengthening performance
- harmonization of emotional states,
- gaining awareness and awareness of the present moment,
- prepare consciousness and energy for the practice of meditation,

Pranayama complexes are deeply connected with the practice of meditation, in fact it is Pranayama that best prepares the student to comprehend the advanced course of Kriya Yoga meditation. It takes a lot of time to learn the full course of techniques. Ancient knowledge is never easy or quick. The student must develop concentration, diligence and have a serious intention to follow the spiritual path. Regular and daily practice of Pranayamas will lead to the fact that your inner awareness will increase significantly, complete harmony with yourself will come, the inner world will find a deep balance.

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Svyatoslav Dubyanskiy

Meditation Master, Esoteric Author and Artist
For the first time, I came into contact with the practices of yoga and meditation when I was eight years old, and from the age of eleven, the practice of meditation became for me a daily journey into the endless spaces of the spirit. I was lucky to learn from wonderful spiritual Masters, whose wisdom I carefully pass on to my students.

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