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My friend, a Hindu from Puttaparthi, is a devotee of Sathya Sai and Prema Sai. He decided to invite the divine boy ​to visit Puttaparthi​, the village where he lived in his past life.
Prema Sai calmly replied to this offer: “Why should I go there, when I am not there, I'm here now.”
Blessings of Prema Sai
We were sitting together in a restaurant with Prema Sai. We were alone, his parents and brother joined us later. Suddenly the divine boy looked at me, took some rice in his hand and carefully threw it on me.
The rice fell right on the top of my head. I felt as if a few stones fell on my head. Then he looked away, into an empty corner, and threw some rice in that direction too. It was as if Prema Sai was looking into an empty corner, but he saw something there. ​I realized that it was a blessing.
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