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Today, the global community of Sathya Sai Baba devotees is facing a difficult situation. Many expect the next incarnation of ​God on Earth in the form of Prema Sai Baba​. However, the problem is that now there are about a dozen candidates for this position in India.
What to do? How could this happen? Logically, after ​Sathya Sai Baba left his body in 2011, God was to incarnate as Prema Sai Baba and continue his mission. Few expected that a situation would arise with many candidates.
A couple of years ago I talked about three candidates, last year about five, and then six. Today I lost the count, I only know that there are about a dozen of them (​early 2020​).
I regularly release new videos and post them on the Internet (also in this section of the website). In these videos I analyze various candidates, show their photos and videos.
I think that everyone should decide for himself how to respond to the situation. Some just deny all the candidates, others intuitively choose one of them.
There is an interesting option, according to which it is possible that God can incarnate simultaneously in several bodies. In this case, all or some of these candidates ​may turn out to be true​.

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