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At the ​age of about five​, Prema Sai arrived in the neighboring village Bevur. There are rice fields and a small jungle three kilometers from this village. The Divine Child blessed one of the plots of land and Shivalingam, which is called Swayambhu in Sanskrit, began to grow in this place.
Stone ​Shiva Lingams​, which miraculously grow from underground, are called Swayambhu. In fact, this is one of the options for materialization. It soon became clear that this was not just a Lingam growing from under the ground, but a Lingam having a completely unusual shape, Trishul, the trident of the god Shiva, was clearly visible on it.
A couple of years later, with the blessing of Prema Sai, a ​small Shiva temple was built around the Lingam. When Prema Sai was seven and a half years old, the construction of the temple was completed and a consecration ceremony was held, which was attended by Prema Sai.
This unique ritual was attended by about a thousand people, the Puja and Yajna lasted all day. The inauguration of this Shiva temple marked a new stage in the development of Prema Sai Baba’s mission. This is the first temple that was founded by Prema Sai, was built with funds raised personally by him, and consecrated by his divine presence. There were many signs and important miracles around this unique event, which I will talk about in future articles.

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