Prema Sai News


At the end of November 2021, an amazing event took place at the Prema Sai home. It all started with the fact that Prema Sai blew up firecrackers, and the little doggie of Prema Sai ran out of the gate of the house out of fear and surprise. The dog ran swiftly towards the highway. The Prema Sai boy with several devotees ran after the dog.

The elder brother of Prema Sai, Keshan, also ran with everyone, he ran after the group almost at the very end, another devotee was running behind. Suddenly Keshan disappeared and appeared seven hundred meters ahead of everyone. Keshan grabbed the runaway dog, spanked it on the butt and returned Prema Sai. This great miracle was seen by several devotees who were present.

On the same day, the devotees decided to ask Prem Sai and his brother about the miracle that had happened. The older brother said he knew nothing. Prema Sai himself laughed, it became clear to everyone that he teleported his brother in front of everyone in order to save the dog.
Prema Sai News 2021