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There are now (in 2022) about a dozen of Prem Sai candidates. It sounds strange, but it is a fact. Many devotees and followers of Sai Baba are concerned about this situation. What if over time there will be more candidates? How is this possible? It can be assumed that some of the candidates are common scammers or mentally ill people. However, some of them have great spiritual powers, clairvoyance and healing abilities. This means that it can be assumed that God can manifest himself not in one, but in several bodies at once. Of course, one candidate is "the main one", it is he who carries the fullness of the Divine Power, but other candidates also develop their traditions, build ashrams and attract many followers. Most likely in the near future there will be several Prema Sai ashrams all over India, in which there will be different Prema Sai. This is the Lord's play.
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