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2020 and 2021 are the era of a global reset of civilization and culture, which may lead to the emergence of a new financial and political system. In this complex process, it should be remembered that the most important component is the spiritual transformation of each person.

The birth of Prema Sai is primarily associated with the birth of a new humanity. From the very beginning of 2020, the Prema Sai boy, like all Indian children, has been at home. Of course, for most children, a break in normal education is harmful, but for a Prema Sai boy it is an opportunity for deepening and temporary solitude.

Prema Sai was "found" when he was two and a half years old, from the age of three, devotees and visitors flock to him. Once in seclusion, he prepares for his world mission. Nowadays, devotees rarely come to his house. Even for Hindus, it is not easy to move around the country during this difficult time. That is why the Prema Sai boy has a unique opportunity to be not alone with the failure.
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