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Prema Sai Baba​... ​At the beginning of 2016 I returned with a group to Puttaparthi, Sathya Sai Baba Ashram. We decided to try to find the divine boy Prema Sai. On a private bus from Puttaparthi we went to the city of Mandya, located between Bangalore and Mysore, Karnataka state, in the south of India.
I knew that the boy Prema Sai could be found in the village of Doddamalur, but I did not know where it was. We arrived in Mandya and decided to ask the police about Prema Sai, but the officers did not know anything.
We tried to find out how we could find the village of Doddamalur. For a long time no one could tell us anything. After a couple of hours of searching, the locals told us how to get there. On our private bus we finally arrived at Doddamalur​.
When we entered the village, amrita, the nectar of immortality, began to materialize in my wife’s mouth. We realized that we came to the right place.
We learned from the villagers about the divine child Prema Sai. For the first time, a devotee from the north of India found the boy a year before our trip. The Holy woman who discovered him was ​Bijaya Devi​. That is why, the locals easily showed us the house where Prema Sai was born.
Our first meeting was very intense, we all felt love in our hearts and experienced various divine states. About thirty people were with me during that trip.
A woman from our group received a call from her husband on her mobile phone, he was in Moscow at the time. This woman's name is Irina, and her husband is Maxim. Maxim said that he was just practicing meditation, and Sathya Sai Baba appeared to him in the subtle body and said that our group met Prema Sai. It was amazing, because at that very moment his wife was with our group and was sitting next to the boy Prema Sai, who was three and a half years old at that time.
A week later, I came to the divine boy. We sat on the floor and enjoyed the toy game. Prema Sai walked up and sat down on the floor next to me. After that, he put his lotus feet on my lap. I experienced the divine state. He kept his feet on my lap for several minutes. I was happy, joy shone in my spiritual heart, that was ​Prema Sai Baba​.

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