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How can we be sure that this divine boy is Prema Sai? Logical evidence is useless and cannot help. Logic, mind and intellect cannot understand God. Logic cannot prove or disprove the divine incarnation.
Only the spiritual heart of a devotee can sense the presence of ​God.
How can you prove that Krishna was the incarnation of Vishnu? How can you prove that Buddha attained enlightenment? How can you prove that ​Jesus Christ was the Messiah? Logically, this is not possible. He who, during the time of Buddha, wanted to prove that he was a divine teacher could not recognize him and understand his greatness.
Those who, at the time of Jesus Christ, wanted logical evidence that he was the Messiah, could not recognize him. Only those who are able to open their spiritual hearts can recognize the divine incarnation.
I talk about various incidents as a direct witness and participant. But miracles cannot be proof of the divine origin of this child. ​Many Yogis ​can manifest miracles and supernatural powers. What then can be the evidence? The vibration of Divine Love, Grace and experience of the Holy Spirit. Already now in the presence of the boy Prema Sai, people experience divine states, spiritual bliss and a state of universal Divine Love.
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