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The incarnation of ​God on Earth is an event related to absolutely every person, regardless of which religious or esoteric tradition you belong to. The global community of Sai devotees is facing a very difficult situation. Many people expect the next incarnation of God on Earth in the form of Prema Sai Baba. Currently (2020) there are more than a dozen candidates for the position of Prema Sai in India.
How to understand who the ​true Prema Sai is? There are predictions that after Sathya Sai left his body in the spring of 2011, he was to incarnate as Prema Sai and continue his universal Divine mission. Few devotees assumed that there might be a situation with several candidates.
To be honest, I was among those who said that there would be several candidates for Prema Sai while ​Sathya Sai was still in the body. However, I even did not expect that there would be so many.
Now some accuse me of allegedly creating my own candidate, who was embodied in the village of Doddamaluru, Karnataka. To say such a thing is very foolish, first of all, because Bijaya Davi found him a year before I met the Divine child.
Prema Sai was discovered by a great saint from the Himalayas named Bijaya Devi. It was she who, as a result of her deep meditation, was able to accurately localize the ​child Prema Sai when he was only two and a half years
Immediately after she found him, another saint called Jaya Lakshmi came there. ​Many Indian and European saints have already recognized this child as the embodiment of God on Earth. According to the prediction, He will proclaim himself at the age of twelve. Hence, currently many gurus prefer to keep respectful silence because the child should grow up quietly.
If ​Prema Sai is still a child​, is it right to give public information about him at all? Yes, that’s right, because that is his will. Information about him is given very carefully for those who are ready to perceive this information with an open heart.
Back in 2018, I talked about three candidates, then there were five, and then their number became seven. Now I’ve completely lost the count ... and I only know that there are ​about a dozen of them​ (early 2020).
Interestingly, some of the candidates are very old. Sathya Sai left this world in 2011, while some candidates were born in 2002, 2003, and even in 1991, as well as in the mid-80s. Of course, there are several candidates who fit into the situation more logically, because they were born at the end of 2011, 2012 and even in 2019.
Supporters of more senior candidates argue that nothing is impossible for God, so he could very well incarnate before 2011, that is, before ​Sathya Sai left his body​. Of course, from the point of view of ordinary notions of reincarnation, a person must first die in order to reincarnate. I am releasing new videos online. In all these materials, I reflect and analyze the candidates, show the video, leaving everyone with free choice.
Everyone should independently decide how to respond to the current situation. Someone firmly denies all candidates. Some devotees begin to support their candidates. Unfortunately, this leads to great spiritual conflicts because various groups of devotees start to defend their position accusing other devotees of deceit.
There is an unusual opinion that God can be embodied in many bodies simultaneously. In this case, all or part of the candidates may turn out to be real and true.
Already, some of the candidates managed to ​“proclaim themselves”, they have created their ashrams and conduct all kinds of spiritual programs, which include Darshans, lectures, tours to different parts of India, as well as abroad.
The problem is that around all these ​“Prema Sais'' ​ashrams, legal entities, as well as ambitions and financial interests arise... It would be interesting if all these “Prema Sais” met at some conference and announced their unity. Alas, this is not happening yet, because each group of devotees is confident in his exceptional righteousness and exclusiveness. 

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