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My friend Ivan from Moscow is seriously practicing Kriya Yoga meditation. Once when he was carrying boy Prema Sai on his shoulders, Ivan realized that it was an important and unique moment. He decided mentally to ask the divine boy for a blessing to achieve Khechari Mudra. This is a complex technique of yoga, the essence of which is to get the tongue in the nasopharynx. It helps in the practices of meditation and yoga. As soon as Ivan thought about ​Khechari Mudra​, he immediately reached it. Usually, in order to reach Khechari Mudra, you need several years of hard practice of special exercises.
Another friend of mine, Nikolas, a musician and photographer from Moscow, was carrying ​Prema Sai on his shoulders pondering that he had committed many sins in this life. At that moment, Prema Sai said in his ear in English: “I know.”
It was in Mysore, I was carrying the boy Prema Sai on my shoulders. Realizing the unique moment, I decided mentally to ask his blessing to publish several of my new books on meditation and self-development, tradition of ​Kriya Yoga and Mantra Yoga. The next day I received an offer from the new publishing house.

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