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Prema Sai, what will he be like?

Prema Sai
There are already many theories about what Prema Sai's life and mission will look like. There are many assumptions, but no one knows for sure. From all sorts of predictions, we know that he will be married and father of two children. Where will his ashram be? Most likely between the city of Bangalore and the city of Mysore, in the state of Karnataka, in southern India. There are suggestions that he will travel a lot around the world. It is already clear that Prema Sai will be very different from his previous incarnation, Sathya Sai. Some people think that Prema Sai will be a repetition of Sathya Sai. However, this will definitely not be the case. Those who expect Prema Sai to be a copy of Sathya Sai simply do not recognize him. Some suggest that Prema Sai will behave in an unusual and eccentric manner, similar to Shirdi Sai, who lived in the 19th century. Who knows, maybe Prema Sai will ride a motorcycle and dance with friends in discos? How will you react to this? What if Prema Sai collects expensive cars or smokes cigars? The fact is that there are predictions that Prema Sai will constantly provoke his followers.