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This material was published on the website of Prema Sai Baba from Tamil Nadu. This young man, born in 2004, is one of the main and most famous candidates today, is announced as the next reincarnation of Sathya Sai Baba.
The worldview of Prema Sai (this candidate) is to educate the psychological and physical health of people, to provide the first necessary help, take care of education of the poor and needy around the world.
Ashram of Prema Sai (this candidate) is located 9 km from the city of Dharapuram, which is in the Tirupur region of the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Prema Sai lives in his parents' house, which is now becoming his ashram.
His ashram is a very beautiful garden with many trees, plants and agricultural fields. There are temples inside the ashram, for example, the Ganesha temple was built next to the main entrance to the ashram, inside the temple there is a beautiful statue of Ganesha. The beautiful Sai Murugan temple comes next, the main deity in this temple is Subhramanya. There is a small Krishna temple in the ashram, the statue of which is represented with Gomatha, the divine cow.
There is also the temple of the god Mangal Shanishvara and the god Premasai Shiva in this ashram. These temples are great places for individual prayer and meditation. A small canal called "Premanadhi" runs near the ashram, and this is one of the places where Prema Sai (this candidate) performs many miracles in front of his devotees, including the materialization of sacred ash and statues of gods.
Prema Sai (this candidate) said that another temple for Lord Shiva, as well as a large bhajan hall and a dining room would be built in the near future. An elementary school and a primary health care center for those in need will open in the upcoming future in Rattaparthi as well.
This ashram should not be called a community; a more appropriate word would be “non-religious” organization aimed at social service. Any person belonging to any religion, any faith can come to this ashram, accept Sai as a guru and follow his spiritual path.
The above material briefly tells about the development of the ashram of one of the candidates for Prema Sai, who was born and lives in the state of Tamil Tadu in southern India.

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