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The Diwali Light Festival usually falls in late October or early November (lunar calendar). This is an ancient folk festival of the autumn harvest.

There are many similar holidays among the Indo-European peoples. In modern India, Diwali is considered a New Year's holiday in some provinces, although it has different meanings in different parts of the country.

Diwali is the largest festival celebrated by Hindus around the world. During the Diwali celebration, bonfires are lit, gifts are given to each other, and Lakshmi is prayed to the goddess of wealth and prosperity.

People are eager to receive parental blessings, fireworks in the evenings are very popular. A small group from Russia was at the Prema Sai home during this holiday this year. Mother Prema Sai prepared special treats and in the evening there were merry dances, small fireworks and fireworks.
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