Prema Sai was born in the very south of India, in the state of Karnataka, in the village of Dodda-Malur. His parents belong to families that for many generations worship the god Shiva. The father comes from the village of Doddamolur, but the main temple of his family is located near the city of Mysore. This temple is called Nandundeshvara, one of the aspects of Lord Shiva. Several times a year the whole family makes a pilgrimage to this ancient temple, I was fortunate enough to visit this beautiful temple several times with Prema Sai and his parents. Prema Sai's mother was born and raised in the village of Bewur, 12 kilometers away from the village of Doddamalur. There are also several ancient temples of the god Shiva in Bewur, one of which is located on the top of a picturesque hill. In this temple, once a year, in mid-May, a big festival takes place. At the beginning, from the very morning, the traditional Vedic Puja, the worship of a deity, is performed. Then a large procession goes towards the main part of the village, visiting all the temples in the area along the way. At the end of the holiday, the procession comes to the miraculous Shivalingam, which grows out of the ground. This place was blessed by the boy Prema Sai when he was about five years old. After that, a stone of an unusual shape began to grow from the ground. The Trident, the symbol of the god Shiva, is clearly visible on the stone. This Trident appeared on the stone in a miraculous way, no one carved this Trident, it materialized as a protruding relief. Subsequently, a temple was built around the