Bija Mantra Yoga

Numerous records of Bija Mantras made in collaboration with musician Nikolai Glushko are presented in this section of the website. In ancient times gurus taught Bija Mantras to the most worthy disciples. Bija Mantras are a very complex and deep technique requiring concentration.

Bija Mantras transform a person’s destiny at all levels, reveal great creative abilities and intellectual capabilities and potentials, saturate with vital energy of good health and activate longevity, protect against negative influences and fulfill positive intentions. The word “Mantra” has a number of meanings in Sanskrit - “cleansing of the mind and subconsciousness”, “magic formula” and “mystic verse”.

Mantra is a combination of philosophical teachings and the strongest life-affirming sound vibration of Sanskrit. Pronouncing Bija Mantras in Sanskrit greatly helps on the path of spiritual self-knowledge, reveals hidden talents and potentials of consciousness. Mantras heal many diseases and significantly improve health, protect against negative influences and affect the circumstances of life.

Mantras performed by S.Dubyanskiy help in studying Mantra Yoga, they can be listened to during meditation and Hatha Yoga practices. Bija Mantras is the most powerful source of divine energy. The technique of Bija Mantras is outside of religion and ethnic traditions. This technique is absolutely universal, hence people of all nationalities and religions can use these unique practices.
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