Secret Gets Revealed - Self-Realization Methods

In our era many secret knowledge and methods of self-development are becoming more accessible, mantras listen is one of them. More and more yoga practitioners in different countries are practicing mantras. The availability of secret knowledge does not make it easy to understand and apply this knowledge. S.Dubyanskiy, Kriya Yoga Master, teaches the techniques of Kriya Yoga Meditation and Bija Mantras at seminars and individual lessons. This section of the website comprises Mantras of Kriya Yoga tradition, which S.Dubyanskiy recorded at studios, with editing and musical compositions performed by Nikolai Glushko and Denis Oneness.

These records will help you in the study of Mantra Yoga tradition, you can also use these records during Hatha Yoga practices and meditation. Mahavatar Babaji, the greatest Himalayan Guru, gave these mantras in the ancient times. For many centuries yogis have been following the path of self-development by practicing these Mantras. Bija Mantra is the most ancient method of Himalayan Yoga. Translated from Sanskrit, Bija Mantra means “seed mystical sound” or “initial sound vibration of the universe”.

S.Dubyanskiy has released many Bija Mantra tracks in collaboration with Nikolai Glushko. These mantras have been kept in secret for thousands of years and have been carefully passed down from generation to generation. Mantras were transferred to S.Dubyanskiy from his Guru Yogi Ramaiah, who had been teaching him for over 12 years and gave blessing for the transfer of this knowledge. Yogi Ramaiah was the direct disciple of the great immortal teacher Mahavatar Babaji. By practicing these mantras, you will get a unique opportunity to touch the tradition, to increase your energetic potential and gain the blessings of great teachers.

Mantras Listen