One of the main directions of yoga and meditation is Mantra Yoga. Nowadays, many people like to listen to beautiful Mantras performed by both Eastern and Western musicians. Among Western musicians who perfectly perform mantras are Devi Primal, Boris Grebenshchikov, George Harrison, Sati Kazanova. In addition to famous musicians, there are many wonderful recordings by the Russian meditation and yoga teacher Vladimir Muranov.
The most energetically strong part of the Mantra Yoga tradition is the Bija Mantras. It is about this unique direction that we will talk about in more detail. It is very useful to listen to Mantras, they can sound like background music, which creates a pleasant atmosphere, harmonizes internal states, and has a healing effect. The much stronger effect of the Mantra is manifested during independent practice.
While practicing Mantras, it is important to keep positive and bright thoughts. Your goals and aspirations, at least, should not harm other people, it is better if by practicing Mantras you will be tuned into the well-wishes of all living beings. Your thoughts and emotions are extremely important at the time of the Mantra practice, so you should be attentive and conscious. Mantras are practiced in Sanskrit, the ancient language of the Aryans. The word Bija means "seed sound." At the beginning of time, the universe was manifested through these sounds. It is very important to pronounce these sounds correctly, otherwise the meaning and vibration will be distorted.

The topic of Bija Mantras is revealed in the video lessons of Svyatoslav Dubyanskiy in quite detail, they are available on Youtube, Facebook, VK. In this article, we will only consider the general principles of the practice of Bija Mantras. There are many ways, methods and levels of Bija Mantra practice. You can sit in any comfortable position, close your eyes, or stay with your eyes open. Most schools advise you to practice Mantras and meditate with your eyes closed, but there are also open-eyed meditations.

Sometimes meditation with open eyes makes it easier to find peace, tune in to practice, and stop the flow of thoughts. Everything is personal, it is up to you to practice Mantras with your eyes open or closed. Relax deeply and feel the joy, peace of mind from the practice. The most correct thing is to pronounce Bija Mantras loudly, reciting the Mantras out loud creates vibration, cleans the Chakras and the energy structure. You may think you have a bad voice, but over time, as you practice, the strength, confidence, and beauty of your voice will become more and more apparent.

Self-love is one of the foundations of correct spiritual development, self-love begins with love for your own name, appearance and voice. Therefore, it is very important to love your voice. Your vocal abilities are irrelevant, regular practice will make your voice strong, confident, beautiful.

You can sing Bija Mantras to any tune if you have experience and musical education. You can pronounce Bija Mantras in a whisper, this will also give a correct and good result. It is said in the Himalayas that "Bija Mantras can be recited quietly so that only the collar of your shirt can hear." Chanting Bija Mantras loudly or quietly is not essential, it is important to chant them loudly.

You need to practice Mantras every day for a whole year, then you will begin to feel real results. Regular practice of Bija Mantras can greatly enhance your energy, cleanse the Chakras, and protect you from the potential negative impact of the social environment. Why are you practicing? Various answers arise, at first the reason for the practice of Bija Mantras is your positive intentions, this is building a happy family, financial well-being, material abundance, health and healing. At the next level, spiritual interests arise, creative self-realization and the embodiment of purpose in life.

At the highest level, the goal of enlightenment appears. The most interesting thing is that after this all goals disappear, then a person becomes a true Yogi. Bija Mantras are one of the meditation techniques. Perfect meditation takes place in the disappearance of all desires, including the pursuit of enlightenment. Desires should not be fought, they disappear spontaneously, then real meditation begins.

Desirelessness has nothing to do with apathy and depression. Desires dissipate like darkness and fog at the rising of the morning sun. In perfect trust in God's loving providence, aspirations disappear. The wise Power of Divinity will guide you better than a limited mind.
The only correct way to study Mantra Yoga, and especially Bija Mantras, is through direct training from an experienced teacher. Bija Mantra is the strongest source of vital energy. When practicing Mantras, it is important to work competently with a positive intention.
Kundalini Yoga
Kundalini is a mystical energy that is present in the spine of every person. Practitioners of various directions of yoga strengthen and direct this energy for their spiritual development and the realization of their goals with the help of meditation, Mantras and Pranayama (breathing exercises).
The breathing process is associated with the movement of energy along the spine. For each inhalation, the energy rises from the tailbone to the brain, and for each exhalation, the energy descends back into the tailbone. The breathing techniques of Pranayama are based on this interconnection between breathing and the movement of energy.

Kundalini energy rises up the spine and opens the higher Chakras, the energy points of the brain. That is why it is very important in the spiritual development of a person. The main question of being - who am "I"? What is the nature of my soul? People have been asking these significant questions for many ages. Why ask this great question over and over again? Each person must realize the truth about the presence of God in his heart for himself.
The answer to the question about the nature of your soul can only be obtained independently in the process of meditation. Those great truths that are set forth in ancient books can direct and help to build your spiritual path correctly, but insight can only happen as a result of your meditation practice.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga comprises a large number of physical exercises and techniques aimed at working with the mind, energy and body. A common mistake is that Hatha Yoga consists of exercises for health promotion only. Yes, Hatha Yoga includes physical exercises, however, the effect is not only on improving health, but also on increasing a person's energy. Hatha Yoga also influences the harmonization of emotional states and stopping the flow of thoughts.

Kriya Hatha Yoga, unlike Hatha Yoga, consists of several large sections: Asanas (yoga postures), Pranayama (breathing exercises), Bandhas (muscle clamps), Mudras (special positions of the fingers), Khechari Mudra (special position of the tongue), cleansing techniques for the stomach and nasopharynx. Each of the listed sections of Kriya Hatha Yoga consists of a large number of exercises.

At the highest level, Kriya Hatha Yoga is an important system of preparatory exercises for meditation. For centuries, yogis have practiced Kriya Hatha Yoga in order to prepare the body, energy and the mind for the practice of meditation. The essence of the spiritual path is the greatest of the questions that we have already mentioned many times - who am "I"? The answer to this question can hardly be obtained with the help of logic. The practice of meditation leads to a true realization of the Divine nature of Consciousness.

Fitness Yoga

Fitness Yoga has become very common in modern Western culture. In large cities around the world, there are a huge number of Fitness Clubs that offer various services related to a healthy lifestyle, including Fitness Yoga classes. Fitness Yoga naturally does not offer you a path of spiritual development or a philosophical education. Fitness Yoga provides a basic level of Asana (physical yoga postures) and Pranayama (breathing exercises).

Fitness Yoga is a great choice for beginners, because the simplest exercises can help you feel the first pleasant experiences and sensations from yoga. However, Fitness Yoga will not allow you to penetrate deeply into your inner world, and will not be able to lead you to harmony and peace, an understanding of your purpose and heights of spiritual development. At some stage, it is best to look for serious levels of Yoga that will allow you to work deeply with the programs of the subconscious, open the Chakras, move forward on the path of spiritual self-knowledge, and finally come to the practice of meditation.

Meditation is an exciting journey into the depths of your soul. The practice of meditation is joyful, practice with inspiration. Meditation is bliss and happiness, it is not the path to bliss, but happiness itself, bliss and peace in the present moment. A person who is in a state of deep meditation can be a truly happy person. Meditation is deep relaxation, only a relaxed person has the opportunity to truly be happy and enjoy his life. Some people claim that they don't have time to practice meditation. This is strange, because such people simply do not have time for their own happiness.
Home Yoga
Home yoga means regularly practicing meditation and Hatha Yoga on your own. It is not that important which yoga school or what seminars you attend, who your yoga teacher is, you still have to practice on your own. If you practice meditation, it is important to be able to practice not only in a group or in a workshop, but also on your own. If you have made a decision to chant Bija Mantras, then you can repeat each Mantra 16, 27, or 54 times.

It is important that the number of repetitions of the Mantra is comfortable, or is recommended by your spiritual mentor. The secret to the success of the practice of meditation, yoga and Mantra lies in regularity, at least for several months. Positive results from meditation and yoga practices accumulate gradually, one should not expect instant results. In order to properly build an independent practice, it is important to consult with your teacher. In different schools and directions of yoga, there are different recommendations for independent practices at home. It is important that your meditation and Hatha Yoga classes fit harmoniously into family life, work and business.

As you live every day, this is how you live your whole life. What you do on a daily basis makes up your whole life. It may seem to you that life is a long period of time and many things can be postponed for later. However, only the person who takes systemic steps on a daily basis achieves the result, and this also applies to the practice of meditation and yoga. If at first you are not successful in breathing exercises or some Asanas that require more flexibility, then you should not get disappointed. By practicing every day, you will learn how to do yoga techniques correctly.

Meditation and self-knowledge

Meditation before bedtime has a profound effect on the harmonization of a person's inner world. You do many things as a result of habit. Some of your habits may be negative, it is better to deliberately abandon them. Meditation and yoga should become your habits, these practices should become your second nature, a natural part of your life.

Contemplating nature can also be a source of relaxation. The more intensively new technologies develop, the more people want to go back to nature. Nature is surprisingly relaxing, people being in nature innately enter a harmonious meditative state. Go to the forest in the early morning, watch the rising sun, contemplate the clear sky, breathe slowly and with awareness. Listen to the subtlest sounds of nature, rustle of leaves.

Conscious breathing relaxes, harmonizes emotional states, and brings you into a meditative state. You have incarnated on this beautiful Earth in order to walk the path of spiritual evolution and realize your potentials and talents. If you start doing what corresponds to your purpose in life, then life will turn into meditation.
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