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S.Dubyanskiy born in Moscow, Russia. For many years lived in India, studied various areas of Vedic and Buddhist philosophy, did research on esoteric schools and traditions of the East.

This article tells about the most ancient system of meditation and self-development. The author has been practicing Kriya Yoga for many decades, he explains the structure of the tradition.

S. Dubyanskiy is the author of more than ten books on self-development and meditation.

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This article talks about - - the Golden Body and spiritual path of meditation, immortality of the body and realization of the Absolute Self.

intense discussion between two Kriya Yoga Masters. Who is the immortal Babaji? what is authentic Kriya Yoga? interesting information about Kriya yoga from Marshall Govindan and S.Dubyansky

Paramahansa Yogananda: Spiritual Message. this article talks about the life path and spiritual message of an outstanding meditation teacher.

The article details the ancient roots of the meditation tradition. It tells about the Vedas and spiritual teachers of the past. Many modern people incorporate meditation into their daily life.

This article tells about the ancient tradition of Kriya Yoga and the connection with Vedic philosophy, as well as modern esotericism.

This article tells a unique story of how the author met with his Guru. Yoga Ramayah was a direct student of the immortal Himalayan Guru Babaji.

This article talks about an interesting topic.Many modern people aspire to practice yoga and meditation.YOGA AND MEDITATION IN THE MODERN WORLD

In this article you will find information about science of breathing and an invitation to do it with the master of Kriya Yoga.