True Self and the Golden Body

Mahavatar Babaji provides a high service to all mankind. Babaji's secret cave ashram is located in the Himalayas, however he can appear anywhere in the world in order to meet his students. In the 50s and 60s of the 20th century my Guru Yogi Ramaiah lived in the Himalayan ashram of Babaji, where he studied the philosophy of the ancient sages and the practices of Kriya Yoga.

Yogi Ramaiah did not advertise himself during his lifetime, his task was to train only a small group of students. He had a strange and tough character. Yogi Ramaiah could be rude and swear at his students, his behavior was eccentric which is why most visitors, resenting his strange tricks, left his ashram.

Near Yogi Ramaiah there were only those few who, according to the divine plan, were to receive his amazing instructions on the essence of spiritual evolution and receive training in the ancient practices of Kriya Yoga. Yogi Ramaiah taught a narrow circle of students among them people of different nationalities. He conveyed in detail the knowledge and practices of various areas of yoga.

Drop dissolved in the ocean
Yogi Ramaiah preached the strange doctrine that the soul is mortal, and the natural state of the body is immortality. Having heard such ideas for the first time, I could hardly believe my ears, it sounded so unusual. The soul is mortal, Yogi Ramaiah said, because the soul appeares from God, at the end of spiritual evolution the soul again dissolves in God and ceases its separate existance.

In fact, the soul never leaves God, it is always part of God, but because of the illusion, the soul temporarily perceives itself as something separate from its Creator. Ignorance is the perception of oneself separate from eternity.

In essence, enlightenment is the cessation of a sense of separate existence. In enlightenment, the soul dissolves in God, it is better to say, the soul realizes that it has always been one with God, moreover, it is God himself. This is similar to how a separately existing drop that dissolves in the global ocean and becomes an ocean. For many, the very idea of ​​ceasing the existence of individual “I” is perceived as the greatest nightmare.

Eternal sky
God is the True Self of every person. Enlightenment is the cessation of self-identification of oneself as an individual “I” and enlightenment of the reality of the Absolute “I”, just as a small cloud dissolves and becomes an infinite sky.

Yogi Ramaiah said that the natural state of the physical body is eternal youth. The soul is like a drop, which at the moment of self-realization dissolves in the ocean of Divine Consciousness, and the physical body is essentially energy that is eternal.

Hence, cosmic energy is eternal. Since the physical body is energy, it means that the natural state of the physical body is immortality. Just as it is not possible to imagine the death of energy, because it is eternal, it is impossible to agree with the death of the body, because the body is energy.

Diseases, aging and death of the physical body are the result of ignorance. The physical body has the potential of natural youth and eternal existence. The eternal spirit creates the creativity of life being in the eternal golden body.

People attached to their physical body can never gain physical immortality. One who expects to live forever physically in order to please his/her flesh will never achieve this. One who has realized the Absolute “I” goes through an amazing process, when the divine energy descends from the higher spheres and purifies all plans of human existence transforming it into a God-man.

Immortality of the body is gained only by those higher yogis who have completely freed themselves from attachment to the body and have realized the Absolute Self. He who realizes the True “I” naturally transforms the matter of his body into golden energy and embarks on the path of great service to all living beings.

The practice of contemplative reading
Yogi Ramaiah considered that Avadhut Gita was one of the most important philosophical works written by the sage Dattatreya. Researchers find it difficult to determine the exact date or even the era of the appearance of this text, it was mentioned and referenced for millennia.

Yogi Ramaiah rarely spoke about this amazing scripture, for he considered it very significant. It is difficult to say who the great sage, who wrote Avadhuta Gita, was. In this chapter we talked about a very complex teaching, according to which, at the highest stages of divine evolution, the individual "I" disappears like a mirage, and what remains is the eternal reality of the Absolute "I". It is just like darkness disappearing at sunrise.

Avadhuta Gita is dedicated to the inspired description of the divine nature of the Absolute Self. The text provides a poetic and figurative description of the essence of Consciousness. By contemplating aphorisms from the Avadhuta Gita, one can enter a deep meditative state and feel the essence of one's inner divinity, which is eternally free and originally perfect.

In Avadhuta Gita, the sage Dattatreya says:
The "I" cannot achieve bliss and freedom, because by its nature, "I AM" is bliss and freedom.
By nature, “I AM” is wisdom, how can “I” strive for liberation from ignorance?
“I AM” Absolute Consciousness, for me there are no advantages and disadvantages, for me there is no light and darkness, there is nothing that would be higher or lower than me, and there is nothing equal to me.

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