An important basis for the breathing system in Kriya Yoga Meditation is Ujaya, the hissing breath. It allows you to inhale and exhale gradually, slowly, consciously. Hissing breath has a therapeutic effect on the entire nervous system and brain. More and more people from different countries are practicing meditation, mantras and yoga, asking philosophical questions. The apparent availability of ancient knowledge does not make it easier to apply, understand, practice.
Goals of Yoga
In ancient times, the famous emperor Janaka lived in India, he was not only a wise ruler, but also a practitioner of meditation and yoga. Once the emperor learned that Sage Ashtavakra had settled in the forest near his city. The emperor instantly left his palace and went on foot to the forest hut of Sage Ashtavakra. Upon entering the shelter of the Sage, Emperor Janaka modestly sat in front of him and asked several important questions about the essence of the spiritual path.

You strive to cognize the Truth, gradually you begin to realize the Truth within yourself, as a result of this long journey, it turns out that you are the Truth itself. When you begin to carefully observe your breathing, you will be able to notice that it is happening outside of your will, breathing happens by itself. You are not breathing, in fact, the breathing process occurs naturally, sometimes you notice this process, and sometimes you do not.

Who really breathes? The answer is simple - God breathes in you. In fact, eternity itself manifests within you as an endless process of breathing. Every inhalation and exhalation is the presence of God in every person. This is why the Kriya Yoga tradition places so much emphasis on observing the breath. As you become aware of the breathing process, you gradually become aware of your inner and original divine nature. By being aware of and observing your breath, you can discover that it is happening outside of your choice. Obviously, you have the opportunity to slightly change your breathing, for example, to make it a little deeper or, on the contrary, shallow, perhaps to breathe faster or slower.

Whether or not to breathe does not depend on your choice or decision, quite the opposite, you depend on breathing. Breath does not belong to you, it belongs to God, just as everything in your life happens by the providence of God. Breathing is Divine Gift and Grace. Breathing is the first and most basic action that God performs in people. There are many goals you can set for yourself in life. In the practice of meditation and yoga, there can also be many goals: spiritual self-knowledge, self-improvement, opening the Chakras, awakening the Kundalini energy, the ability to develop healing abilities, and also learning to work with positive intentions.

The surest way to practice the techniques of meditation and mantra is through a three-day seminar, as well as an individual online course. Video materials that are freely available on the Internet can help you understand the details of techniques and practice, but videos will not replace the need for direct teaching under the guidance of a teacher, just like a mathematics textbook does not replace a teacher.

Completing the training will allow you to better understand the principles of meditation, learn many additional very important details, and learn lucid dreaming. The Kriya Yoga exercises are full of details and require a serious attitude to learning.
Mantra Yoga, one of the directions of yoga practice, which is popular in our country. A special direction in the tradition of Mantra Yoga is Bija Mantras, seed sounds. Bija Mantras allow you to awaken your energetic resources and potential.

There are many Bija Mantras, each with a deep meaning. Bija Mantras transform destiny at all levels, protect from negative influences, develop intellectual potentials, bestow energy, and improve health. Bija Mantras are outside religious traditions, that is why people of different nationalities and religions practice them easily.

This is how a wonderful philosophical text called Ashtavakra Gita appeared. This text is a philosophical conversation between Emperor Janaka and Sage Ashtavakra. Reading texts on the philosophy of Vedanta, one should see the deep meaning. The disciple asks his question, the Guru gives the answer, this is how the ancient texts of Vedanta are built. In relaxation and openness, all unnecessary disappears and eternity remains. Some prefer to call "this" Consciousness, some God. It makes no difference what you call eternity, words are the fruit of human intellect, they give rise to concepts, that is why in the Vedas they sometimes say “That” to describe eternity. The word “That” ideally reflects the transcendence of the Absolute Consciousness.
Yoga practice

There are many ways and levels of practice. Some methods of yoga and meditation are associated with a subtle exploration of the inner world of the soul, there are practices associated with working out the programs of the subconscious, strengthening energy, as well as strengthening health. Nowadays, yoga and meditation are developing not only in the Himalayas and Nepal, but also in many countries of the world.
In different countries there are schools and directions of Kriya Yoga, Mantra Yoga and Kriya Hatha Yoga. Different schools of Kriya Yoga teach methods and techniques that are sometimes different from each other. The differences should not be confusing, there are various approaches and methods of meditation.

Yoga poses

The correct postures for practicing meditation and breathing exercises are those that are comfortable for you. The most correct thing is to be yourself, you do not need to imitate the external manifestations of tradition, you need to strive for the essence of spiritual self-knowledge.
If you see statues of Buddha or Shiva, which are depicted sitting in the lotus position, then you should not try to copy them. Practice in a way that is natural, convenient and comfortable for you, then many internal conflicts will disappear. Meditation is contemplation of the inner world, not a static posture.

Genuine spiritual

Cognition, contemplation of the infinite essence of the Divine Consciousness, does not mean external renunciation or adherence to dogmas and conditioning. Awareness of the Divine presence in the entire universe leads the yoga practitioner to the correct, genuine and conscious performance of actions in this manifested world.

Action in non-attachment, awareness, in a spirit of service to all people, such an action is performed by those who have attained unity with God. If suddenly on the spiritual path you feel a loss of motivation, laziness, lack of meaning in life, apathy and asociality, know that you are confused. The one who realizes the eternal essence of the Divine Consciousness begins to naturally embody his creative potentials in the manifested world.

If everything is Divine Consciousness, then where are you going to run or what to renounce? In the world's religious traditions, there are stories about the lives of saints. It is not so important which tradition or religion the saint belonged to. First of all, you need to pay attention to the life path and inner spiritual experiences and realizations that mystics and saints of various traditions achieve. Sometimes holiness is associated in our culture with the images of monks, hermits, and nuns who have taken a vow of celibacy and live far from social reality.

The saint, according to people, should spend the whole day studying sacred texts, scriptures, meditation, fasting and praying. If celibacy is completely natural to you, then that is good. If it's natural for you to build a vegetarian or fruitarian diet, then that's good. If it is convenient, natural and comfortable for you to live in a cave, in a forest or in a desert, why not. However, all these are only external manifestations.

The essence of the spiritual path is contemplation of the infinity of the soul. If you try to take a vow of celibacy, practice special dietary restrictions, special diets, because you want to be like a saint, then this becomes an obstacle or mania and leads to internal conflicts and self-deception. The essence of the path is not to demonstrate outward signs of holiness and renunciation, to accept "spiritual names", to dress in "spiritual garments." The essence of the path is in the study of the nature of your Consciousness.

Yoga and sex

The topic of the transformation of sexual energy is one of the most important on the spiritual path. Unfortunately, many yoga traditions and schools try to avoid discussing this delicate topic. The greatest source of energy in every person is the lower abdomen. There is an energy point called Dakshina Bindu, in men it is the prostate, and in women it is the uterus.

The main spiritual experiences take place in the upper Chakras - Sahasrara and Ajna, that is, in the brain. One of the main tasks of Kriya Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Pranayama, and Kriya Hatha Yoga is to lift energy from the lower abdomen and transform it into more subtle vibrations. There are many methods to be learned during seminars or individual classes. We will consider only some of the possible methods of transforming sexual energy, and redirecting it to the higher Chakras.

Breath observation is an ancient method of relaxation, it is the basis of the practice of meditation. In absolute relaxation, the true practice of meditation takes place, in relaxation all unwanted and unnecessary disappears, the eternal radiance of the Divine Consciousness remains. An important element of the practice of meditation is Khechari Mudra, a special position of the tongue, with which one can raise energy from the lower abdomen to the upper Chakras.

More details about this special position of the language can be found in the video materials of Svyatoslav Dubyanskiy on his TV channels in Youtube, Instagram, on Facebook, VKontakte. The Khechari Mudra technique has many details that need to be studied during in-depth seminars, although general information can be obtained in the tutorial videos. It is this technique that is the most basic for the transformation of sexual energy and its transformation into high spiritual vibrations in the upper Chakras.

Meditation - stopping internal dialogue
Thoughts, forms, images, feelings and emotions are like beautiful clouds flying across the clear sky. Are you clouds or sky? You are the endless sky, through which the clouds are flying, they are like your thoughts. Thoughts are very useful, they help to live and develop, create works of art and make scientific discoveries. There is nothing wrong with thoughts, the only problem is that sometimes people identify with thoughts.

There is another wonderful and poetic image. Thoughts are like ocean waves. Are you small waves or a great ocean? Waves are fickle, the ocean is eternal. There is nothing nasty or bad in thoughts, feelings, emotions that suddenly arise in meditation. It is important to avoid identifying with these thoughts, feelings, emotions and images. Thoughts appear, they disappear, they appear one after another, in a continuous stream of their movement.

There are small gaps between thoughts. The same small gaps exist in your breathing. Between each exhalation and the next inhalation, a delay-pause naturally occurs. Having realized this pause, one can plunge into perfect harmony and deepest peace. The natural little pause between exhalation and inhalation, which you must focus on, stops the flow of thoughts and great peace ensues.

Your breath and thought flow are interconnected. Even and calm breathing bestows even thoughts, and then both disappear. In deep meditation there is nothing, no thoughts, no breath, no separate personality, there is only eternity. Conscious breathing leads to awareness in thoughts, actions, clear thoughts create clarity of goals and priorities, this is how a harmonious life is born.

Thoughts are like a strong and gusty wind, they come from nowhere and go in an unknown direction, but the gaps between thoughts remain. One thought has already flown away and has become the past, and the next has not yet arisen in your mind. A clean space, free from the stream of thoughts, in which the nature of consciousness is revealed. Whatever thoughts, images, feelings, and emotions arise, allow them to come and arise and then disappear like swift waves in the eternal ocean.

You are a great ocean watching many chaotic waves. You are an endless sky contemplating a stream of clouds. Breathing is the primordial action from which all other actions arise. In conscious breathing, the opportunity arises to come to a conscious life. Actions that are performed in the awareness of unity and interconnection become true Yoga. God breathes in you, this awareness significantly changes the perception and understanding of the spiritual path. The more you come to awareness of the breath, the more you come to awareness in the present moment.

Awareness of the present moment occurs in the observation of the breath. Watch your breathing, then you will gradually merge with the breath, and this will lead to the experience of perfect oneness with God. Authentic meditation practices are based on mindful breathing. Mindful breathing is the first and most important step on the spiritual journey towards eternity.

The soul of every person is in a fascinating process of reincarnation. Traveling from life to life, the soul can incarnate in a variety of universes and worlds. The process of reincarnation gives the soul experiences, it gets the opportunity to develop and learn the Truth. In the chain of many lives, your soul goes through the path of evolution.

At the highest level of realization, the soul goes beyond the circle of reincarnations. Yogi Ramayah said: "to get out of the cycle of reincarnation does not mean to stop incarnating, it means to stop dying." It is about reaching the highest divine level, which includes the acquisition of a golden immortal body.

Usually reincarnation occurs completely unconsciously, the soul takes birth in accordance with karma. At a high level, the soul can consciously pass into the next life, preserving the knowledge from the previous birth. Nowadays, people gradually learn about the potential for conscious reincarnation, about the possibility of free choice of the place of the next incarnation.

Sometimes in the minds of inexperienced practitioners of Kriya Yoga Meditation arises a selfish, false idea of the possibility of choosing a place and the circumstances of the next incarnation, based on greed and avidity. However, only an enlightened person can really use the methods of conscious reincarnation. The process of conscious transition into the next life takes place at a high level of spiritual realization. The process of conscious reincarnation is a continuous stream of eternal Consciousness.

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