Kriya Yoga is the oldest system of meditation and breathing exercises. As a result of the practice of Kriya Yoga meditation, the kundalini energy is awakened. Kriya Yoga consists of a huge number of techniques that are based on conscious breathing and power of visualization. For many centuries, Kriya Yoga meditation techniques have been passed down from high gurus to worthy students. Nowadays, knowledge and techniques are gradually becoming more open and accessible to larger audience of spiritual seekers. The source of Kriya Yoga techniques is Mahavatara Babaji, the greatest immortal Himalayan Master.
Kriya in Sanskrit means "action." In essence, this means the movement of energy through energy channels and chakras. We are accustomed to believing that an action is physically performed, but in reality there is also an inner action. For those who go through the path of spiritual evolution, it is necessary to practice meditation and mantras, which are inner actions.
Yoga means unity with the Absolute Consciousness. The experience of enlightenment comes from the practice of deep meditation. As a result, a man reveals a great treasure, God in his heart. Yoga consists of a huge amount of techniques of meditation, breathing exercises and mantra. Yoga techniques are methods of spiritual self-study and self-improvement which help to realize inner divinity.

Vedanta is a philosophical system of self-investigation and self-realization. The main texts of the Vedanta are the Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, Avadhuta Gita and Ashtavakra Samhita. In ancient texts, the philosophy of non-duality, Advaita, is presented in beautiful poetic forms. The essence of this philosophical system is the knowledge of the infinite divine nature of human consciousness.
Kriya Yoga Techniques
The tradition of Kriya Yoga includes - Pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation, Mantra Yoga, Kriya Hatha Yoga. There are many meditation techniques that help unleash the infinite potentials of a person. In the tradition of Yogi Ramaiah the full course consists of: three Pranama complexes (breathing exercises), eighteen Kriya Yoga meditation techniques, 144 Bija Mantras.
Kriya Yoga: what is it?
Kriya Yogi
In fact, only one who has gained enlightenment can be called a Yogi. One who has mastered the practices of meditation techniques and breathing exercises through these precious techniques has gained enlightenment and may be called a Kriya Yogi. Such a person finds inner harmony and peace of mind and consciously goes through his life path.

Kriya Hatha Yoga
Hatha Kriya Yoga consists of a large number of Asanas. The word Asana means special postures of the physical body. These exercises allow you to maintain good body condition, strengthen health and lead to active longevity. Kriya Yoga uses various Asana complexes. Kriya Hatha Yoga not only helps to improve health, but also prepares for meditation. These exercises allow you to achieve deep relaxation, harmonize emotional states and increase concentration.

Kriya Yoga for beginners
The best way to start practicing sophisticated meditation and mantra techniques is to participate in a seminar. Video materials can greatly help you understand many of the details of the practice, but they do not replace direct contact with the Master. The training course will allow you to understand the basics of the practice of meditation, find out detailed information about the chakras, lucid dreams, as well as breathing practices. The exercises and techniques of Kriya Yoga have a lot of details, they require a serious attitude to the learning process.

Kriya Yoga is called the science of breathing. An important basis of breathing in Kriya Yoga is Ujaya, a sound hissing breath, which allows you to breathe in and out very slowly. Sound hissing breathing has a significant therapeutic effect on the nervous system.

More and more people from different countries practice meditation, mantras and yoga. People begin asking deep philosophical questions about the meaning of life. The availability of secret knowledge does not make them easy to understand and practice. One who seeks to study the breathing system of Kriya Yoga should take the learning process responsibly and seriously.

Bija Mantra and Mant. Bija Mantras transform the destiny of a person at all levels, protect from negative influences, reveal intellectual potentials, saturate with vital energy, strengthen health, help in working with a positive intention. The Bija Mantra method is outside of religious and ethnic traditions, it's universal, people of all religions practice it.

There is a great deal of confusion around the personality of Mahavatara Babaji. Various authors make assumptions about his teachings and life circumstances. Confusion began for two main reasons. Babaji is not a name, but a respectful appeal to a teacher.

Any advanced and experienced practitioner of meditation in the Himalayas is called Babaji. Another reason for misunderstanding is that Mahavatara Babaji lives in solitude in the distant Himalayas.

There is not much accurate information about Mahavatara Babaji, this allows some to create fantasies and pass off speculation as supposedly objective information. The lack of reliable information and complete mystery easily generate fantasies and confusion even in books by established and well-known authors.

Several Mahatmas live in the Himalayas, which are called Babajis: Mahavatara Babaji, Goraknath Babaji, Haydakhan Babaji and Nagaraj Babaji. In fact, we know little about the great Himalayan immortal Mahatmas. Each of these Mahatmas is respectfully called Babaji, this is the tradition. As a result of the fact that many Himalayan teachers are called Babaji, some think that it is the same Babaji. All these great teachers are often mistakenly associated with Mahavatara Babaji.
Many branches of Kriya Yoga
In different countries of the world there are many schools of Kriya Yoga. Different schools of Kriya Yoga teach techniques that differ from each other, but have common principles. Different ashram's of Kriya Yoga have quite different approaches to the practices of meditation and mantra, but this should not confuse those who study Kriya Yoga.

The world is diverse, so it is natural that there are different approaches and diverse systems of meditation and self-development. There is no contradiction, this is just diversity. The following is the list of Kriya Yoga traditions or Kriya Yoga practices:

- Kriya Yoga Saraswati, Bihar School
- Atma Kriya Yoga, Swami Vishwananda, Bhakti Marga
- Imram Kriya
- Kriya Yoga, Isha Yoga, Sadhguru
- Meditation lessons, Dada Sadananda
- Kundalini Yoga
- Tantra Kriya Yoga
- Sahaja Yoga
- Kriya Kundalini Yoga
- Himalayan Yoga, Pilot Babaji
- Nath tradition

Kriya Yoga and Bija Mantra are a rather complex system of techniques that require high concentration and serious attitude.

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