Karma is only personal, when we talk about the karma of a clan or family, we mean “ancestral programs” or “birth canals”. Karma is the consequences that our heirs face. The causes of the consequences are the wrong actions committed by a person during his earthly life. The family program is active throughout the life of representatives of seven generations. Therefore, your great-grandfather or grandfather, with his deeds, emotions and thoughts, creates a program for your life.

In fact, the generic program is the information that your ancestors have accumulated over the course of seven generations. Information about their actions, thoughts and emotions is stored on the subtle plane: the sacral, sexual chakra of Svadhisthana, being an important factor that directly affects who you are now and the circumstances of your life. Information about the relationship between husband and wife is also located in the Svadhisthana chakra. Family relationships are built on three levels: physical, psychological and spiritual. Harmonious family relationships arise when there is physical satisfaction, psychological understanding and spiritual unity.

The practice of transforming generic problems

In the Svadhisthana chakra there is information about future generations: children, grandchildren, nephews, all the next generations along the family line. Family ties and the continuation of one's kind are one of the spiritual tasks of every person. Svadhisthana is a very important chakra, by meditating on it, you will work out a huge layer of information about your life.
It is very important that in the Svadhisthana chakra there is information about family ties and generic programs, but at the same time, there is information about the energy structure of a person. Hence, a natural conclusion arises that one of the main sources of human vital energy is generic programs.
Where do you get energy from? There are many sources of energy. One of the most significant sources of energy are generic programs. Therefore, one who includes competent work with generic programs in his spiritual development becomes an energetically stronger person.

Proper work with generic programs is a very important issue, especially for modern Western people. In the modern world there is such a thing as “choose your spiritual tradition”, “choose your religion”. Modern people, at times, say: “What difference does it make what tradition the ancestors professed? I will go my own way and choose my own religious or spiritual tradition." Indeed, you are free people and have the right to choose your spiritual path. Yes, of course, you should choose the spiritual tradition that is more suitable for you. However, if you cross out or neglect the tradition of your ancestors, this means that you cut off your supply of vital energy. You can practice any system of meditation, but it is important to be able to integrate prayers and practices that are in line with your ancestral tradition.

You consciously walk the path of reincarnation, you are free from the fear of death, because what you really are is immortal. You are conscious in the present moment in wakefulness, dreams, at the moment of death of the body, as well as the further journey of consciousness into a future incarnation. Everything is here and only now. Gratitude has great power, when you experience this feeling for what surrounds you, what surrounds you, you go through the path of reincarnation. Gratitude is completion. The only thing you came into this life with is the spiritual experience acquired in past lives. All that you will carry into the next life is the spiritual experience that you are accumulating now.
You feel a sense of gratitude for your life, for it is magnificent and perfect. You are grateful for perfect health and eternal longevity. You are grateful for the happiness of the family hearth, the wise heritage of your ancestors and the well-being of your descendants. You are grateful for the enjoyment of material abundance and the joy of free creativity. You are grateful for the knowledge that you receive, for the wise spiritual evolution and for the unity of everything. You are grateful that everything happens in joy and love. You are walking the path of spiritual development and divine creativity, the essence of which is self-knowledge.
Every person has a desire to know the truth. Truth can be sought at different levels, it is sought through the methods of religion, science and art. The highest level of the search for truth is meditation. What you really are has nothing to gain and nothing to lose. In fact, you were never born and cannot disappear.

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