Esotericism is the path of personal self-development. Sometimes people strive to lead everyone around, to teach and guide, while it is important to strive to be the master of their lives, and not someone else's. It is extremely difficult and deeply wrong to penetrate into the life of another person and explain to him how to live. Each person is a secret, a whole universe, which should be respected and accepted as he is. If communication with someone becomes unbearable for you, just step aside.

Esoterics and self-knowledge
The past cannot be changed, it can only be reevaluated. All the events of the past were a series of lessons that sometimes you did right, and sometimes you made mistakes. It is important to remember that at the moment of making a decision, you are always right.
You started a family, and then there was a divorce. You created a company that started producing a non-competitive product and you went broke. You sent a message from a representative of a religious community, and then it turned out that they were scammers. You went to study at the university, and then you realized that you were not interested in this profession.

In any case, at the moment of making the decision, you were right, because based on the level of your awareness at that moment, in accordance with the level of your understanding of life at that moment, you made the only possible decision for yourself. Stop reproaching and blaming yourself. Blaming yourself is as foolish as blaming others. If you blame other people and circumstances for your problems, then you are afraid to take responsibility. If you blame yourself, then you do not acknowledge the God who lives in your heart. In any case, blaming yourself or others, you block your development.

A few years later, after starting a family or starting a business project, you realized that this was not the right decision. First of all, get out of this situation as quickly as possible, because the longer you are in the wrong position for yourself, the more you waste energy, money and time. As soon as you realize that you once made a mistake, look for ways out of this situation as soon as possible, learn from your mistake and move on in life.

Esotericism of relationships and harmonization of family life is an important part of esoteric practices. The deeper you begin to understand your inner world, the more you have the opportunity to build balanced relationships in the family. Of course, it is always ideal if the husband and wife practice self-discovery and self-improvement, meditation and yoga, together. Esotericism and society, these relations are built in the sphere of the correct understanding of life in general. A properly developing person strives to build his life at all levels and in all aspects of his life: spiritual self-improvement and material well-being, family happiness and good health. Therefore, a properly developing esotericist demonstrates harmony in everything in his life.

Esoterics of life

Gratitude is completeness. It is impossible to change the past, but it can and should be revised, only then can you move on without looking back indefinitely. Depressed people constantly live in crises, failures, conflicts and mistakes of the past. Analyze, be aware, reevaluate and learn from the past and move, move into the future. You cannot be the master of another person, because the consciousness, soul, intellect and mind of another person is something immaterial. You can control the body of another person, his movement, actions, but it is impossible to own his inner world.

Nowadays, technologies for manipulating consciousness are constantly being improved, becoming more subtle and sophisticated. In parallel with this, methods of self-development, self-improvement, and meditation are developing, giving inner freedom. In this, too, the struggle between good and evil is manifested. Nowadays, technologies for manipulating consciousness are constantly being improved, becoming more subtle and sophisticated. In parallel with this, methods of self-development, self-improvement and meditation are developing, giving inner freedom. In this, too, the struggle between good and evil is manifested.

Esoteric essence

At the level of interpersonal relationships, business, friendship, stop trying to control and manipulate other people, it will only confuse you. Try to become the master of your life, reconsider your past, feel gratitude for the events of bygone days. Think about the meaning of your life, about what your mission is in this beautiful universe. Perhaps the word mission sounds too global, but I still dare to use this loud word. You and only you have power over your thoughts and feelings, you control and allocate your time. Becoming conscious, having clear goals and priorities, you get the opportunity to continue building your beautiful and harmonious life.

Esoterics and personal growth

The general scheme of progress along the path of a successful life looks like this:
- practice of meditation
- building a system of goals
- resource planning and analysis
- performing systemic actions and achieving a result
- serving people
Meditation practice

Why practice meditation? The answer is very simple, we have already discussed this topic, but it is so important that it is worth reminding about it as often as possible. The first questions on the path to success are - Who sets goals? Who strives for success? What are your personal perceptions of success? These are all critical questions. You have two choices: the wisdom of the soul or the ignorance of the ego.

It is meditation that will ensure that you are on the right track. If a wise soul sets goals, then you will advance along the path of happiness and self-realization. However, if an ignorant ego comes into play, the goal system will turn out to be false and lead you to stump, frustration and depression. The soul pays attention to happiness, creativity, love, joy as the basis for building goals. Therefore, building goals based on the wisdom of the soul, you set goals for yourself, and immediately ask yourself - Will this make me a deeply happy person? Will it bring me joy and harmony? By building ego-based goals, you will ask primitive questions - How do I get more power and money? Obviously, this approach leads to suffering, fears, stress. Only those who practice meditation can discover this subtle but fatal difference between soul and ego.

System of clear goals

We also talked about this in detail in previous lessons. The most ancient knowledge indicates that building a positive intention, a system of goals and priorities according to the Chakras is the most perfect way of building goals. Chakras, energy-information points of the head and spine, describe all aspects of your life: spiritual evolution, work with information, leadership and teamwork, intellectual sphere, creative self-realization, financial well-being, family happiness, excellent health.

Resource planning and analysis

The planning stage is extremely important, it is the most important intermediate link between goals and the implementation of systemic actions. Going on a trip, you probably first collect information about the place where you are going. When making investments in a new project, it is obvious that it is necessary to collect information, assess potential risks and possible profits, and consult with a financial expert. The proverb says that one hour of planning will save you ten hours of useless action. Planning also helps you understand and analyze resources, which we'll talk about a little later. Basically, there are an infinite number of resources and opportunities around you, but you sometimes fail to notice them.

Planning concerns absolutely all aspects of life: spiritual development, creative projects, financial growth, self-education and professional development, family development. A classic example of planning is building a house. First there should be a project, and then an estimate and budget, in which the timing and pace of construction are planned. It is impossible to start building a house without a serious project and preliminary planning. It is impossible to create an ideal plan, life circumstances are constantly adjusted, but it is still better to get involved in the thick of events with a preliminary plan and understanding of the situation.

Taking a systematic action and achieving a result

Any ideal fantasies about your goals in life, working with positive intentions, praying and meditating on goals will not help if you forget to take action. It is important not only to work hard, it should be done intelligently, systematically, structurally, and efficiently. It is important to be flexible and be able to adjust the direction of your activities, change tactics and strategy, methods and techniques. Life will show which of your actions are correct and which are not. It is important to be detached and flexible in changing the way you work, to easily abandon non-working methods, and to quickly comprehend and implement new and more effective technologies. The science of performing actions includes many aspects of the seed, working with time, working with feedback, team building, dealing with the energy of money, discipline, working with information flows, and much more.

Serving people

A person is built in such a way that at the highest peak of his success he begins to think about how to help other people, how to change the world for the better, what spiritual heritage to leave behind. Probably, God created man with this wonderful program, which is in the depths of his soul. The essence of this program lies in the fact that when a person discovers a new level of knowledge, approaches the infinite truth one more step, then there is a desire to share his discoveries and understandings with other people.

The more fully you embody your destiny, the closer you come to God, in a sense you begin to become like God and become a God-man. This is the state when you become a perfect devotee of God, embodying His wise and loving will in this manifested world. Perhaps it may seem to you that in my reasoning I have gone into a religious jungle and too often think about God. It is not so important what you call eternity: God, Consciousness or the Absolute. The highest level of success is the level at which you have not only achieved success personally for yourself, but are also willing to share it with other people. Having discovered a treasure, your desire is to share this treasure with all who are ready to use it correctly. The joy of creativity and the happiness of service are the pinnacle of success.
Esoterics of the book

In this section of the article, authors are indicated who can clarify many issues related to the philosophy and practice of esotericism, self-development and self-improvement. Helena Blavatsky, George Gurdjieff, Peter Uspensky, Nicholas Roerich, Helena Roerich, Swami Vivekananda, Yogananda Paramahamsa, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Carlos Castaneda, Swami Kriyananda, Valery Sinelnikov, Dmitry Trotsky, Sergey Neopolitansky, Vladimir Muranov, Svyatoslav Dubyanskiy.

Practical esotericism: meditation

Many people assume that meditation to be something incomprehensible and mysterious, and most importantly - completely impractical and far from the so-called real life. The word “meditation” is used by many people nowadays, sometimes without understanding what it really is. It may seem that meditation is practiced exclusively by hermits living in the Himalayan caves. Does meditation have anything to do with modern Westerners living in big cities?

In fact, meditation is a system of techniques based on a person's ability to concentrate his attention on different parts of the brain and spine, to feel the vibration of energy in different parts of the body, and to work consciously with breathing. In the practice of meditation, we use work with concentration, creation of visual images, and relaxation. As you can see quite understandable methods, meditation is not such a mysterious thing. Modern man is quite capable of understanding what meditation is and studying it.

Why do you need to practice meditation, and is it necessary at all? Meditation is a system of techniques that allows you to open energy points by concentrating on different parts of the body, thereby revealing your energy and spiritual potential. Whether we are talking about spiritual development or working with positive intention, meditation is a foundational practice. The practice of meditation relieves stress, increases efficiency, and harmonizes emotional states.

A person who practices meditation, plunging into the depths of his inner world, is able to cognize the true aspirations of his soul. In this article we will look at one of the many meditation techniques that are quite simple and effective. This whole system of meditation is called Kriya Yoga. Kriya Yoga is the oldest system of meditation, a technique that allows you to open the dormant potentials of consciousness, open and cleanse the chakras, and awaken your capabilities. Kriya Yoga consists of a large number of exercises that are based on visualization, concentration and conscious breathing.

Many eras of meditation techniques were passed down from Masters to disciples, traditionally teaching took place in small secluded ashrams. The complete study of Kriya Yoga meditation is a long process, and spiritual seekers have been studying this for many years. Serious techniques and knowledge require a serious approach. We will now look at a simple meditation technique that will help you unleash your potential.

Meditation pose

There are many meditation postures. I recommend that you choose one of two: relaxed sitting with a straight back on a chair or relaxed lying on your back in savasana. On different days, you can take turns using one of these poses of your choice. The correct meditation posture is one that is comfortable for you and allows you to deeply relax.

Description of the Meditation Technique

Feel the relaxation of the whole body. The mouth should be closed, however, it is important to relax the lower jaw because this will relax the brain. Start watching the breath, don't try to change it, just watch. Let each inhalation and exhalation be conscious. The more you relax, the more shallow your breathing becomes. Observing the breath will help calm the flow of thoughts and harmonize the circulation of life energy. Observing the breath has a healing and calming effect.

Concentrate on the center of your forehead, at a point slightly above the brow. Feel energy vibration, warmth there, and visualize a point of light in the center of the forehead. If you find it difficult to feel this point, rub it with the pad of your finger for one minute, and then concentrate on this sensation. Practice observing the breath and concentrating on the point in the center of the forehead at the same time. Correct meditation begins by observing the breath and concentration on the center of the forehead.

Breathing is associated with two most important functions: harmonizing the flow of thoughts, and increasing energy potential. This technique may seem simple, but attention is not so easy to hold, thoughts will constantly lead you aside, do not try to fight them, observe and return to conscious breathing, the technique is simple, but it is very powerful and effective. This technique will help you accumulate energy and harmonize the flow of thoughts, which is the starting point for spiritual development and work with positive intention.
Regularity of Meditation Practice

Any practice gives results only if you do it constantly. It is important to practice regularly, every day. It is best to practice meditation every morning, because it is the sunrise, the very time when a person's consciousness is most receptive to spiritual practices. If your social rhythm and schedule allows you to only devote time to meditation in the evening, then you can also practice in the evening. It is important to practice at the same time every day, then you can ensure the stability of the practice.

To practice this technique, it is enough to allocate 10-15 minutes. If there is a desire and opportunity to practice longer, that is also good. The secret of success is not the length of the practice, but the regularity. Make a decision for yourself that you will practice every morning, then you can achieve significant spiritual and energetic results.

Results of Meditation Practice

You cannot expect positive results from your meditation practice if you are not willing to practice regularly and efficiently. Over time, you will be able to achieve a high degree of concentration and deep relaxation. By practicing for several weeks or months, you can come to the harmonization of the inner state and saturation of vital energy, to achieve the release of stress and chronic fatigue. Meditation leads to an understanding of your goal in life and awareness of ways to implement it, release from depressive states, fears and stress. Regular practice leads to the development of intuition and concentration, increased efficiency and productivity, calming down thoughts and gaining clarity in the process of making vital decisions.

Esotericism versus science

Scientific knowledge is based on a mathematical system of evidence and the results of laboratory experiments. Basically, science is based on the workings of reason and logic, as well as on what can be felt and recorded by the five senses. Esotericism has much greater opportunities for cognition of both the inner world of a person and the nature around us. Esotericism does not deny scientific methods, but it has additional capabilities: clairvoyance, clairaudience, astral travel, lucid dreams, sensory sensations, intuitive knowledge.

Esotericism versus religion

Esotericism is not a religion and does not belong to any of the world's religions. At the same time, esotericism can use both philosophical teachings and methods of various religions: Christianity and Gnostics, Judaism and Kabbalah, Buddhism, Tantra, Hinduism, Islam and Sufism.

Esoteric meaning

Esotericism is sacred knowledge and methods aimed at self-development and self-improvement. Some of the methods are very ancient, rooted in the depths of millennia, and some are quite modern. Esotericism and self-improvement is the path of personal spiritual search for the meaning of life. Esotericism is a journey into the depths of the spiritual heart, work with the system of visualization, concentration. In addition to meditation, esotericism includes many techniques: lucid dreaming, Pranayama (breathing exercises), work with energy and information of the Chakras, activation of the Kundalini energy, reprogramming of the subconscious.

Schools of esotericism: there are many traditional schools that have developed over the centuries, as well as new directions. In order to study all these ancient technologies of self-development, you need to undergo training at seminars, personally learn from a mentor. Genuine knowledge is passed down from generation to generation, from Master to Disciple. Self-development and self-improvement are the most subtle knowledge that require seriousness of intention and good concentration.

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