Babaji - Master of Masters

The main question on the path of spiritual evolution is “Who am I?” The answer to this question cannot be obtained using a simple game of reason and logic. Only genuine meditation leads to a true awareness of the True Self.

There are many steps on the path to knowing the Absolute Self. At the highest peaks of spiritual achievements, the matter of the physical body is transformed into the luminiferous golden substance of divine vibration.

My Guru Yogi Ramaiah said that the immortal physical body of Mahavatar Babaji consists of golden energy, it shines with bright light, his body does not cast a shadow because it emits light, this body does not take food, does not need sleep and rest, but the most amazing is that Babaji doesn't even breathe.

We are used to thinking that breathing is the source of life. Human life begins with the first breath and ends with the last breath. However, breathing is not only the cause of life, but also one of the causes of aging and death. Breathing is one of the factors of body aging, therefore the immortal body does not carry out the breathing process, it is a self-sufficient and perfect mechanism. It is very difficult for a limited human mind to understand how such a body exists and functions.

How many immortal Masters now live on the Earth

You can talk about physical immortality as much as you like, but all this will be just a beautiful theory and mythology, until we find out if at least one person in the history of human civilization that has embodied the idea of physical immortality in his life. Yes, such cases exist.

Quite many immortal Yogis who live on the Earth today. Of course, only a few can meet with them, the life of immortals is hidden from the eyes of most people. Within the scope of this article we will talk about the greatest immortal teacher, whose name is Mahavatar Babaji. In fact there are many saints and sages who have reached this surprisingly high level of self-realization.

I persistently tried to find out from Yogi Ramaiah how many immortal Yogis lived on the Earth. For a long time he refused to speak on this subject. Nevertheless, once he said that several hundred thousand immortal Yogis, Mahatmas and Siddhas lived on Earth. Hearing this figure, I was extremely surprised.

How can such a large number of immortals live on the Earth, while the world governments, scientists and the media do not know anything about it? The fact is that all immortal Mahatmas, Yogis and Siddhas have very powerful protection. You can walk through the woods or mountains, an immortal Yogi or a Mahatma may be near you, but if he doesn't want you to see him, you will simply pass by without noticing him. No devices are able to fix these higher initiates.

He came from a flash of light

Mahavatar Babaji emerged from a flash of light on the Holy Mount Kailash, it happened a long time ago, no one knows the exact date of his appearance on the Earth. He has lived on the Earth for several million years and has been teaching his students for many eras. Modern humanity has existed on the Earth not so long, before us there were other civilizations, which we are now gradually learning about.

Mahavatar Babaji was a spiritual teacher of the past civilizations that lived on the Earth in distant eras, he also continues to lead people in our times. He was the Guru for a large number of great saints and sages, some of whom reached the highest level of God-realization and gained a golden body like the great Babaji.

Jesus and Buddha

The most significant disciples of Mahavatar Babaji, who had the strongest influence on the course of the history of human civilization, were Gautama Buddha and Jesus Christ.

As you know, the canonical Gospels describe only part of Jesus' life. The official sources do not mention where he lived and what Jesus did from the age of 12 to 30 years. Nicholas Roerich and Yogananda mentioned that Jesus lived all these years in India, studying with different Gurus, but his main mentor was Mahavatar Babaji himself. This information was also confirmed by Yogi Ramaiah.

Yogis and Mahatmas from the most diverse traditions have achieved immortality by learning directly from the great Babaji. There are Himalayan immortals belonging to Vedic Hinduism, Chinese immortals belonging to the Taoist tradition, Buddhist immortals of Tibet, as well as immortal Ases, teachers of the Slavonic tradition.

Kriya Yoga on Youtube Channel

Nowadays, there are many videos about Kriya Yoga on the Internet. I think that it’s quite good when various teachers talk about their traditions and explain the features of philosophy. However, it is not very favorable when meditation techniques are in the public domain. Techniques of Kriya Yoga should be taught only at seminars. Only a qualified Master can explain all the details and answer the students’ questions.

Kriya Yoga lessons

Kriya Yoga lessons can take place both individually and in a group. Workshops mainly last two or three days. During a workshop, students can learn meditation techniques and breathing exercises. However, it is also possible to study Kriya Yoga during individual online lessons.

Kriya Yoga benefits

Kriya Yoga is the oldest system of meditation, which was mentioned in many ancient Vedic texts. Meditation is the main method of spiritual self-inquiry. Meditation also allows you to harmonize internal dialogue and significantly improve emotional states.

Kriya Yoga book

The most famous book on Kriya Yoga is the "Autobiography of Yogi" written by an outstanding Master Yogananda Paramahamsa in 1946.

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