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My first meeting with Yogi Ramaiah

My first meeting with Yogi Ramaiah

I met Yoga Ramaiah in 1993. By that time, I had been studying yoga and meditation for many years. My meeting with Yogi Ramaiah happened completely unexpectedly. Of course, nothing accidental happens in life; everything is the result of causal relationships. What may seem spontaneous and even random, in fact with mathematical precision embodies a deep spiritual connection from past lives.

My father, Professor of philosophical and sociological faculty of Moscow State University, was open to all new ideas, concepts, theories and teachings by virtue of his nature, and also because of scientific interests. When somebody informed him that an Indian Guru was coming to Moscow with a seminar, my father decided to take part in the program without hesitation.

It was very interesting for my father to learn about meditation and the philosophy of Kriya Yoga, besides meeting a living Yoga Guru in the early 90s was interesting indeed. It is worth reminding, that in Soviet times meditation and yoga were officially banned in Russia. In the early 90s, many Indian and Tibetan Gurus began to visit Russia more frequently, and the Russians finally got the opportunity to travel to India and Nepal in order to learn meditation and yoga. It was an amazing epoch of hopes and dramatic changes in the life of the whole country and the destinies of people.

Strange might be the fact that I did not attend Yogi Ramaiah's seminar in Moscow, although it would seem that I should have been interested in the arrival of the Indian Guru much more than my father, because for me yoga was always a matter of life. Verily, all that happens is the providence of God.

Kriya Yoga

Kriya Yoga: what is it?

Kriya Yoga is the oldest system of meditation and breathing exercises. As a result of the practice of Kriya Yoga meditation, the kundalini energy is awakened. Kriya Yoga consists of a huge number of techniques that are based on conscious breathing and power of visualization. For many centuries, Kriya Yoga meditation techniques have been passed down from high gurus to worthy students. Nowadays, knowledge and techniques are gradually becoming more open and accessible to larger audience of spiritual seekers. The source of Kriya Yoga techniques is Mahavatara Babaji, the greatest immortal Himalayan Master.

Kriya in Sanskrit means "action." In essence, this means the movement of energy through energy channels and chakras. We are accustomed to believing that an action is physically performed, but in reality there is also an inner action. For those who go through the path of spiritual evolution, it is necessary to practice meditation and mantras, which are inner actions.

Babaji - Master of Masters

Babaji - Master of Masters

The main question on the path of spiritual evolution is “Who am I?” The answer to this question cannot be obtained using a simple game of reason and logic. Only genuine meditation leads to a true awareness of the True Self.

There are many steps on the path to knowing the Absolute Self. At the highest peaks of spiritual achievements, the matter of the physical body is transformed into the luminiferous golden substance of divine vibration.

My Guru Yogi Ramaiah said that the immortal physical body of Mahavatar Babaji consists of golden energy, it shines with bright light, his body does not cast a shadow because it emits light, this body does not take food, does not need sleep and rest, but the most amazing is that Babaji doesn't even breathe.

We are used to thinking that breathing is the source of life. Human life begins with the first breath and ends with the last breath. However, breathing is not only the cause of life, but also one of the causes of aging and death. Breathing is one of the factors of body aging, therefore the immortal body does not carry out the breathing process, it is a self-sufficient and perfect mechanism. It is very difficult for a limited human mind to understand how such a body exists and functions.

KRIYA YOGA - True Self and the Golden Body

True Self and the Golden Body

Mahavatar Babaji provides a high service to all mankind. Babaji's secret cave ashram is located in the Himalayas, however he can appear anywhere in the world in order to meet his students. In the 50s and 60s of the 20th century my Guru Yogi Ramaiah lived in the Himalayan ashram of Babaji, where he studied the philosophy of the ancient sages and the practices of Kriya Yoga.

Yogi Ramaiah did not advertise himself during his lifetime, his task was to train only a small group of students. He had a strange and tough character. Yogi Ramaiah could be rude and swear at his students, his behavior was eccentric which is why most visitors, resenting his strange tricks, left his ashram.

Near Yogi Ramaiah there were only those few who, according to the divine plan, were to receive his amazing instructions on the essence of spiritual evolution and receive training in the ancient practices of Kriya Yoga. Yogi Ramaiah taught a narrow circle of students among them people of different nationalities. He conveyed in detail the knowledge and practices of various areas of yoga.

Kriya Yoga and Physical immortality

Kriya Yoga and Physical immortality

“The soul is eternal, but the body is perishable,” everyone is familiar with this phrase, it is perceived by many as an axiom. But is it so? Many saints and most world religions convince that illness, aging, and death of the physical body are inevitable and natural. That which is born must die, which means that the physical body is doomed to death. Is the death of the physical body a fatal inevitability?

Why do people strive for physical immortality? Where did this seemingly strange fantasy of physical immortality come from? Why have all the cultures in the world created fairy tales and myths about the immortal sages?

Everything that a person can imagine already exists. Everything that a person can think of - has already happened. Each thought gives rise to events occurring in the manifested world. At the same time, any thought is a reflection of what has already happened. If the idea of ​​physical immortality exists in human consciousness, this means that the phenomenon of physical immortality already exists, otherwise this idea simply could not appear in your consciousness.

Mahavatara Babaji was not born