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Birth Karma

Why do some personal lives develop easily, while others do not? Why does someone successfully develop their business, while someone has serious obstacles?

Luck or failure has nothing to do with it. Everything in the universe is the result of a precise relationship of cause and effect, even if that relationship is not always obvious. Among the factors that significantly influences your destiny is Karma. 

Karma is information that is on the subtlest level, it is information about all your thoughts, words and actions that you have performed over the past seven lives. The Law of Karma is simple, it is that everything that you have done in the past comes back to you as your present destiny.

The circumstances of your family life, material well-being and health are a direct result of Karma. In order to really and deeply influence the circumstances of your life, you should be able to work with Karma. Karma is information, you can and should be able to work with it, it can be corrected, changed and transformed. Nobody says that it is easy and elementary, of course not.

In order to do this, it is important to deeply understand the spiritual laws of being and learn how to practice meditation. It is impossible to change Karma instantly and completely, but it can be worked with through the practice of meditation. It is much easier not to plunge into the complex and obscure worlds of esotericism, but in this case you will inevitably encounter obstacles whose meaning you will not be able to understand. Understanding the principles of working with subtle plans and depths of the inner world will allow you to reach a new level of work with your destiny.